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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

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Emergency Evacuation & Fire

Emergency Evacuation & Fire Escape

Xcaper - Fire Escape Mask
Xcaper - Fire Escape Mask
Item: EE12

The same mask used and endorsed by professional firefighters. The kit comes with one Xcaper mask and one practice mask.
Price $63.75
Xcaper - Fire Escape Mask
CERT Vault
Item: CRT-Vault

The special edition CERT VAULT™ (Vehicle Attached Utility Load Transporter) is a hitch-mounted, mobile accessory unit that adds secure and convenient storage space on any class 3/4 trailer hitch for rapid deployment. The wheels are suspended above ground with ample clearance during transportation. Upon arrival, the running gear descends and the entire component rolls on “never flat” tires that are designed to handle any terrain. The CERT VAULT™ is made of light-weight, sturdy aluminum and can store everything from educational materials to safety kits and triage supplies.  Narrow enough to fit through doorways and into elevators, the CERT VAULT™ and its contents go anywhere they’re needed.
-weight: 260 lbs.
-weight capacity: approx. 250 lbs.
-box volume: 17 cubic feet
-dimensions: 61” L x 29” W x 42” H
-System includes: aluminum box with locking diamond plate lid, heavy duty GO! Chassi® with 10” urethane tires and special u-handle, taillight kit with 4 prong electrical connecter, rubber wheel chocks, hitch adapter, and the special edition CERT graphics.

Price $2,195.00
Potomac - Emergency Escape Mask
Potomac - Emergency Escape Mask
Item: EE13

Certified protection for biological and chemical terror threats including anthrax, cyanide , sarin and smallpox. Ultra compact; fits in a purse or briefcase; carry it anywhere.

Price $159.00
Mayday Fire Extinguisher
First Alert 43 ounce 5BC
Item: EE32

The First Alert EE32 is the 2.5 pds extinguisher. This extinguisher is 5BC Rated. weight 2.5 lbs
Price $17.99
Kidde Pro Series Fire Extinguisher
Kidde 10 lb. Rechargeable Pro Series Fire Extinguisher
Item: EE30A

5 lb. Model exceeds 2-A:10-BC compliance. Perfect for common industrial use: Office, Hotel, School

Price $77.06
Kiddie Basic Alarms
Kiddie Basic Alarms


Kidde Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Price $64.95


Kidde Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Price $62.00


Kidde Basic Smoke Alarm

9v battery included, 5-yea
r warranty, hush control, low battery indicator, flashing red light every 30-40 seconds to indicate that the alarm is receiving power.

Price $29.95

2-Story Fire Escape Ladder
2-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Item: EE36

This 2 story, 13 foot, tangle free, escape ladder is easy to use and quickly attaches to any window. Fully assembled. Compact design for easy storage.
Price $57.23
3-Story Fire Escape Ladder
3-Story Fire Escape Ladder
Item: EE36A

This 3 story, tangle free, escape ladder is easy to use and quickly attaches to any window. Fully assembled. Compact design for easy storage.
Price $96.12
Fire Blanket
Fire Blanket
Item: M-4052

Treated to retard fire. 3' x 3' Woven Cloth.10 year guarantee
Fire Blanket Cover (EE37C) also available.

Price $27.99
Fire Blanket with Fire Blanket Cover

62"x80" wool fire blanket and vinyl bag
Item: M-4053

62"x80" wool fire blanket and 13.5"x17.5"x4" vinyl bag - 1 each (COLOR: GREY)
Treated with Dupont X-12 for fire retardancy. This 62"x80" blanket is fire retardant in accordance with the Federal Flammable Fabrics Act, CS 191-53. Machine washable, comes with 4 mounting brass grommet holes.

Price $55.94
Bulk Discount, purchase 3 at only          $49.22 each!
Barricade ‘Caution’ Tape – 300'
Barricade ‘Caution’ Tape – 300’
Item: EE44
Price $4.58   
Barricade ‘Caution’ Tape – 1000’
Barricade ‘Caution’ Tape – 1000’
Item: EE45
Price $10.92   
6 lb. Fireman’s Axe
6 lb. Fireman’s Axe
Item: T27
Price $58.50   


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