CPR Savers & First Aid Supply MRE, Meal Ready-to-Eat Food Rations

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MRE's (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) Food Rations are self-contained servings of food designed originally for the military for combat when food is not readily available. The MRE's replaced the C-rations. Each meal generally containes approximately 1200 calories. The packaging requirements are designed to withstand parachute drops of 1200 feet. and have a shelf life of at leat 3.5 years.

Beef Stew

Chef 5-minute Meals

- Minimum order is 12 meals
- All Meals have a 5-year shelf life

These 9 ounce meals come in a box that serves as the oven to cook the meal in. The box contains the heating element to have a hot meal in 5 minutes.

Case consists of 2 of each of the following meals :

  • FB 5072 Beef Stew (2 per Case)

  • FB 5010 Cacciatore (2 per case)

  • FB 5058 Chicken Pasta Parmesan (2 per Case)

  • FB 5027 Spaghetti & Meatballs (2 per Case)

  • FB 5041 Vegetable Lasagna (2 per Case)

  • FB 5065 Beef Stroganoff / Noodles (2 per Case)

Assorted (case of 12)
Item: FB 5072
Price $89.95


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