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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

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Nextemp™ 3-1/2" disposable thermometer - 1 each
Nextemp™ 3-1/2" disposable thermometer

Item: M-5125

Nextemp™ 3-1/2" disposable thermometer - 1 each

For an inexpensive and easy body temperature reading, try the Nextemp™ disposable single-use clinical thermometer. This single strip thermometer can be used orally and axillary for accurate body temperature readings.

Price $0.88
4-3/4" Digital thermometer in plastic sheath - 1 each
Thermometer, digital

Item: M-5126

4-3/4" Digital thermometer in plastic sheath - 1 each

For safe and accurate body tempature reading try our digital thermometer with 60 second results. Thermometer will beep when reaching high temperatures.

Price $4.92
ThermoScan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer With Rechargeable Base
ThermoScan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer


ThermoScan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer
  • Exclusive ExacTemp technology provides an active user feedback light, guiding proper probe positioning
  • Preheated probe tip minimizes the cool down effect experienced when taking repeat temperatures, improving both accuracy and repeatability
  • Probe cover detection system improves accuracy by ensuring precise infrared heat transfer
  • Automatic probe cover eject button makes for quick and easy removal of used probe covers
  • Innovative security features reduce occurence of theft in hospital environment
Price $295.00
ThermoScan Pro 4000 Ear Thermometer With Rechargeable Base
ADTEMP Digital Ear Thermometer


ADTEMP Digital Ear Thermometer
ADTEMP Digital Ear Thermometer features:

  • Measures core temperature instantly from the ear reliably and accurately
  • Range 89.6°F-108°F ± .4°F or 32°C-42.2°C ± .2°C depending on scale selection
  • Probe cover FREE design is less costly and more convenient to use
  • Large 6mm display is easy to read
  • Compact (5” Long, 1.9 oz.) ergonomic design fits comfortably in operator’s hand and patient’s ear
  • Fever alarm at 99.5°F (37.5°C)
  • 12 reading memory
  • Complete with Lithium battery, storage/travel case, and operating instructions
Price $36.29
TemporalScanner Temporal Artery Thermometer

TemporalScanner Temoral Artery Thermometer


Taking a temperature with a light stroke across the forehead, the TemporalScanner provides an innovative method of temperature assessment, based on infrared readings of temporal artery blood flow. The TemporalScanner is fast, accurate, easy to use, and gentle enough to be used even on a sleeping patient. It is truly non-invasive, eliminating any discomfort caused by a thermometer inserted in the ear, mouth, or rectum, and can be used for all patients, newborns through geriatrics. 9 volt battery.



Price $460.00
SureTemp Plus Model 690 Electronic Thermometer

SureTemp Plus Model 690 Electronic Thermometer


Newly designed housings makes this thermometer comfortable to hold, easy to use and durable. A removable, color coded probe well minimizes the risk of cross contamination and enables easier cleaning.

The SureTemp Plus provides:

  • Fast oral temps in 4 seconds
  • Fast axillary temps in 10 seconds for patients 17 years and younger
  • 15 seconds for patients 18 years and older
  • Price $299.00
    GENIUS 2 Tympanic Thermometer

    GENIUS 2 Tympanic Thermometer


    The GENIUS 2 Tympanic Thermometer with base features:

    • Tapered Probe Design
    • Tip Based Sensor Technology
    • Rapid Response Time
    • Programmable Display
    • No-Touch Probe Cover
    • Real Time Temperature
    • F°/C° Toggle Button
    • Pulse Timer
    • Extended Battery Life
    • Takes 15,000 readings on 3 AA batteries
    • Easy Load Probe Covers (Thermometer)
    • Easy Load Probe Covers (Base)
    • ASTM and CEN Compliant
    • FAC System (Fast Ambient Change)
    Price $388.00
    Integrated Wall System

    Integrated Wall System


    Integrated Wall System includes:

    • Midmark Wall Board
    • 767 Wall Transformer
    • 11820 PanOptic Ophthalmoscope
    • 23810 Diagnostic Macroview Otoscope
    • 767 Aneroid
    • KleenSpec Dispenser Small
    • SureTemp Plus thermometer
    Price $2,220.00


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