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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

First Aid Catalog - Click here to download

Laerdal CPR Manikins - Basic and Advanced Life Support

Basic Life Support

Advanced Life Support

- Laeral Moulage Kit

- Little Anne™ Manikin

- Little Anne™ Manikin - 4 Pack

- Little Junior Manikin

- Little Junior Manikin - 4 Pack

- Little Family Pack of Manikins

- Laerdal Anytime Manikins

- Resusci Baby Manikin

- Resusci Junior Manikins

- The Baby Anne Manikin - 4 Pack

- The Baby Anne Manikin w/Soft Pack

- Choking Charlie cpr manikin

- HeartSim® 200

- Laerdal®ALS Baby™

- Laerdal Airway Management Trainer

- Laerdal Crash Kelly Manikin

- MegaCode Kelly Advanced (VitalSim Capable)

- Nita Newborn

- Neonatal Resuscitation Baby

- Resusci Anne Basic + Skill Guide

- Ultimate hurt trauma manikin

-Tuff Kelly Manikin

-Nursing Kelly (VitalSim Capable

-Mr. Hurt Head-Realistic Cranial Trauma Management

-Newborn Anne Manikin

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