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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

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Welch Allyn AED 20 Defibrillator

Welch Allyn®

WelchAllyn AED 20
AED 20™ Defibrillator

Ideal for healthcare or EMS environments with multiple levels of first responders. Provides clear “1-2-3” guidance in administering a preset life-saving shock, plus the ability to monitor heart rhythms and transfer information for continuous patient data collection.

  • Text and voice instructions guide the user through the rescue
  • Color-coded pads and illustrations ensure proper pad placement
  • Escalating energy (200 J, 300 J, 360 J); energy protocol can be changed to meet specific needs
  • Diagnostic-quality ECG display and lead II monitoring using traditional snap-based electrodes
  • Optional passcode-protected manual defibrillation
  • Choice of rechargeable battery for frequent users or a long-life nonrechargeable battery for infrequent rescuers


Basic Plus AED 20 (non-rechargable battery) w/ ECG waveform, and single channel monitoring
Price $3,949.00
Deluxe AED 20 (non-rechargeable battery) w/ ECG, monitoring and manual defibrillation mode
Price $4,159.00
Basic AED 20 Plus (rechargeable battery) with ECG waveform, single-channel monitoring
Price $4,225.00
Deluxe AED 20 (rechargeable battery) with ECG, monitoring and manual defibrillation mode
Price $4,430.00
AED 20 Non-Rechargeable Battery

AED 20™ Non-Rechargeable (Lithium) Battery


Price $230.00 Discontinued
AED 20 Rechargeable Battery

AED 20™Rechargeable (NiMH) Battery


Price $230.00 Discontinued
AED 20 Carry Case

AED 20 Carrying Case


Price $171.00 Discontinued

AED 20 ECG Monitoring Cable (AHA Standard)


Price: Call For Pricing Discontinued
AED 20 Adult Defibrillation Pads (1 pouch/2 pads)

AED 20 Adult Defibrillation/Pacing/Monitoring/Synchronized Conversion Pads (1 Pouch/2 Pads)


Price : Call For Pricing Discontinued

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