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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

First Aid Catalog - Click here to download

Spill Pick-up Products
Disposable towel

Disposible Towel
Item#: M-921

Disposable towel, plasback lined - 500 per case
Disposable towel, polyback tissue 13-1/2 X 18

Price $79.84

Bioharzard Bag - 500 Per Case

Biohazard Bag - 250 Per Case

Item#: M-904

Red liners, low density are perfect for institutions with a bilingual staff: printed with the universal biohazard symbol and "Infections Waste" in English and Spanish. High performance, super strong X-Seal bag is designed without gussets. Bag conforms to container's shape and distributes the weight of the refuse evenly arougn the bag. Helps eliminate leakage problems

Latex Free.
Dimension: 24" X 24", 1.2 mil, 10 Gal. Capacity.

Price $75.00
Bioharzard Bag - 500 Per Case

MooreBrand Biohazard Infectious Waste Bags - Pack of 10

Item#: 36057

  • Heavy-duty, rupture-resistant bags with printed biohazard symbols
  • Bags exceed regulatory standards
  • 20-gallon bags measure 25" x 34"
  • 30-gallon bags measure 30 1/2" x 41"

Price $3.20

Commercial Emergency Spill Kit

Commercial Emergency Spill Kit


Kit Contains the Necessary Absorbents and Apparel to Contain Spills in a Wide Array of Small Businesses and Specific Work Environments.
Perfect for Use in Manufacturing Plants, Machine Shops, Automotive Facilities, Agricultural Sites, Hospitals, Food Processing Facilities, Laboratories and More

Consult corresponding MSDS before attempting clean-up of any toxins.

 Kit Contents:

(6 ea)        Absorbent Boom Socks, P/N 7740
(1 ea)        2.0 cu. ft. Bag of SORB-A-SPILL® Absorbent, P/N 7702
(1 pr)        Chemical-Splash Goggles, P/N 5109
(1 pr)        X-Large Pullover Rubber Boots, P/N 7115
(1 pr)        X-Large Nitrile Chemical Resistant Gloves,  P/N 6548
(1 ea)        Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Labels P/N 9921
(1 ea)        Hazardous Waste Disposal Bag P/N 7760
(1 ea)        Heavy-Duty Apron P/N 6821

Caution: Respiratory protection may be required while cleaning up toxic spills.

Price $149.95

Emergency Response Spill Kit

Emergency Response Spill Kit


This spill kit is required under OSHA Law CFR 1910.00-1919.180, Subtitle HM-126.F. It is perfect for use in the field and is a necessity for all utility vehicles.
Packaged in an easy-carry box. Absorbs Oil, Paint or Chemical Spills on Land
Absorbs over 4 Gallons of Waste
Fits Behind Truck Seats

Kit Contents:(15 ea)   Universal Sorbent Pads, P/N 7710
(3 ea)     Absorbent Boom Socks, P/N 7740
(1 pr)     Chemical-Splash Goggles, P/N 5109
(1 pr)    Nitrile Chemical Gloves, P/N 6548
(2 ea)     All-Purpose Waste Disposal Bags, P/N 7760 
Caution: Respiratory protection may be required while cleaning up toxic spills.

Price $59.95


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