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First Aid Kits:

We have a selection of many different first aid kits for schools, Industrial settings, Businesses, Emergencies, CPR, etc...

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AMBU Suction Pumps - Manual, Foot, & Gas powered
Emergency suction pumps used for airway management. Ambu suction pumps can be operated manually or even gas powered.

Ambu® Uni-Suction Pump
Ambu Uni-Suction Pump is a portable suction pump for emergency suction.
Item: 150-000



Uni-Suction can be operated both pneumatically by oxygen or manually by hand or foot.
  • Wide base and low profile
    provide for stability during use
  • Solid construction
    allows it to be used under adverse conditions in most climates
  • No regular maintenance
    i.e. no lubrication or battery change needed.
    Always ready for use.
  • Vacuum limiting valve
    reduces negative pressure to 150-200 mm Hg for tracheal suction and use on small children
  • High performance
    Max. negative pressure up to approx. 550 mm Hg.
    Free air flow 20 l/min. (mean value).
  • Ambu Suction Booster (optional)
    increases the speed of suction significantly and makes it possible to remove larger solid particles otherwise obstructing average suction tips.
    It is easily connected to the suction tip of the Ambu Uni-Suction Pump.


Ambu Uni-Suction Pump has a reservoir capacity of 600 ml.
Disassembled reservoir container and tube parts are autoclavable at 121°C.

Ambu Suction Booster has a reservoir capacity of 250 ml and is autoclavable at 121ºC.

Weight: 2 kg.

Oxygen consumption less than 10 litres/minute.
Price $748.95
Ambu Twin Pump
Ambu Twin Pump is a portable, manual suction pump for emergency suction.
Item: 239-000

Double chamber pump design
No vacuum build-up time is wasted and suction is continuous
  • Solid construction
    Allows it to be used under adverse conditions in all climates
  • Enormous suction capacity
    Through the 10 mm suction tip the maximum free air flow is 70 litres/min. A vacuum of -600 mm Hg can be achieved
  • Fast and effective
    250 ml of thick fluid is sucked up in about two seconds
  • Unlimited container capacity
    The containers hold approx. 600 or 1000 ml, but in emergency situations the capacity is without limit. Pumping can continue even when the contents start to overflow
  • Combination suction tip
    The small bore suction tip can easily be removed to enable instant use of the large, 10 mm suction tip for increased speed of suction and to remove larger, solid particles

    2 container sizes: 600 or 1000 ml.

    All parts can easily be disassembled and are autoclavable at 121ºC.

    Weight: approx. 1.1 kg.

Ambu Twin Pump w/ 600 ML Container (foot pump)

Item: 239-000

Price $379.95

Ambu Twin Pump
Ambu Twin Pump w/ 1000 ML Container (foot pump)

Item: 240-000

Price $449.95
Ambu Res-Cue Pump
The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is a portable, manual, hand-operated emergency suction pump. Probably the most complete hand-held pump available for emergency situations!
Item: 276000001

The Ambu Res-Cue Pump is the most versatile, hand powered emergency pump. A cost effective alternative, offering convenience and performance and a wide range of features and benefits.
  • Compact and lightweight - small and handy unit - takes up very little space
  • Easy to squeeze - requires extremely little force
  • Adjustable vaccuum (100%, adult or 50%, children) - a wide range of application
  • Fast and powerful - offering superior performance
  • No regular maintenance - low cost operation
  • No special storage conditions - stores easily in most emergency kits
  • Overfill protection - prevents contamination inside the pump/handle and eliminates need for flush-through procedures and prevents inconvenient exhaust splashing of liquids
  • Disposable collection container - no cleaning/sterilisation required

    Vaccuum max: 450 mm Hg
    Free airflow: Peak>20 l/min
    Disposable collection container volume: 300 ml
    Stroke adjustment: 100% or 50% vaccuum
    Dimensions: 185 x 64 x 168 mm
    Weight: 230 g

Price $56.95
(order disposable canisters below)
The Ambu Res-Cue Pump Disposable canister kit (1 Canister, 2 catheters, Dispose bag)- Case of 10 units

Item: 276000010
Price $99.85

MedSource Manual Suction Pump
Item: MS-001PMP

The Manual Suction Pump is a light and portable suction unit that can be powered by one hand allowing the other hand to remain free for other important duties. This suction unit was designed to provide simple operation and maintenance in all emergency suction applications. Each unit comes complete with a reusable pump, label and instructions. Refill canisters available.

Price $45.00


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